Busy Business Lady Bootcamp: DIY Marketing

Busy Business Lady Bootcamp: DIY Marketing


We’re all just busy business ladies trying to get paid to do what we love.

Picture this. You’ve built the business, launched the product, and offered the service, but you’re having a hard time finding folks who seem eager to buy it. 

It’s a common problem. 46% of brands don’t have defined digital marketing strategies and of those that do, 16% of them have never implemented it. When it comes finding your tribe and showcasing your business' value, you’ll have a much harder time than necessary without having a clear cut marketing strategy.

Join Porsha Thomas, founder at GOWRKGRLS and Creative Strategist specializing in branding development and marketing, for a 4-week deep dive to create SMART marketing objectives for your business and build a strategy to increase your cash flow in the new year. Details here.

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