ll archives: 3 Tips to Successfully Photograph a Dinner Party

kelley raye

kelley raye

After capturing our last-minute girlboss party, we asked our fave Atlanta photographer Kelley Raye to share her best tips to photograph a party. Here’s what she had to say:

Go into the Light

You’ve gotta let the light shine down. Make sure that your event space has a lot of natural lighting. Opt for places with big windows or take it outside with an outdoor shindig.

See the Trees

Generally you want to see the forest and not just the trees, but if you want good detail shots, you’re gonna want to see those trees. Capture all of the details that make up the table setting by shooting individual sections. To shoot the table as a whole, experiment with different angles and choose the best possible one.

Show the Good Time

Everybody loves a good time. Don’t forget to show it! Make sure to snap candid pictures of guests mingling and eating.

For more photography tips and general girlboss inspiration, check out Kelley’s blog.

Photography: Kelley Raye