ll archives: How to Throw a Last-Minute Shindig


We love #ladypreneurlife and everything, but let us be candid about the time issue (or lack thereof). Fact: When working on what you love, time does infact go somewhere. Fact: Skipping one or two adult playdates to keep clacking away at laptop keys feels invigorating and like you are totally getting shit done. Fact: With so much shit getting done you find yourself “needing” more shit to do because now you’re obviously a moderate workaholic with a fading personal life.

So, busy boss lady, we’re forcing you to step away from the laptop. Gather your queens for a female founders’ appreciation party. We know, we know – you are very busy, but with a little help from your girl gang, an e-course and a Whole Foods run, you and the crew can make magic with minimal effort.

Use a low key location

Keep your costs down by hosting an at-home soiree. If home is “work” and you’d prefer to go elsewhere, ask a cool friend with a cool space if they’d be willing to host you and a few guests. We chose our cool friend Mason Poe’s cool space, Edgar Allan, at Goat Farm Arts Center.

Be resourceful

You need to spend a ton of money to have a good time said no ladypreneur ever. Keep your guest list short and utilize all of your resources. Consider a co-host or two to help split costs. Save money by rummaging through your kitchen for serveware and dinnerware and hit up the thrift store to score deals on old bottles, trays, etc. If you want to get creative with dinnerware, we recommend partying with Susty Party. We used the company’s sustainable Christmas collection from Whole Foods to add a seasonal flare to our party.

Do your own event design

Is it winter? Your party is now winter-themed. Go forage for branches and pine cones and things. Source random knick knacks from around the house that compliment your theme. Need to brush up on your styling skills? We took a hint from The Jungalow founder Justina Blakeney and enrolled in her table-top styling class on Skillshare. It took 38 minutes to learn basic styling principles and how to apply them, guys. 38!

Don’t cook

Even if you love cooking, doing it for multiple people is no easy feat. Make things easy on yourself by hiring a pro to handle the menu. We looked to our local girl gang to work with home chef and food blogger Ashly Cargle-Thompson of 1 Bushel, 1 Peck. The blog’s custom recipes will soon be savor-able for all with the 2016 launch of 1 Bushel, 1 Peck’s micro-catering service. Imagine a pre-designed menu of delectable appetizers (think Cornbread Stuffing Bites with Cherries, Port & Dijon Aioli), dessert, fancy cheese and a good drink (think Spiced Pear & Orange Whiskey Punch) at your door in 48 hours and ready to eat. Need some 1 Bushel, 1 Peck right now? Try it DIY style with Ashly’s Feta and Butternut Squash Quinoa Cakes with Lemon Sage Aioli recipe.

Document the day

You’ll want to remember the time you evaded work to party (because it was totally OK with your boss and because social media, duh). Here’s our event photographer, Kelley Raye’s, tips on shooting a dinner party. Photography not your thing? Go out and support local boss lady who’s handy with the camera.

Et voila, ladypreneurs. Now go host your own economical and almost effortless female founders’ appreciation party!