ll archives: 8 Tips to Transform Old Furniture


Everyone wants a home that showcases their unique style, but who has the budget to shop at all those high-end stores? Never fear! The following transformation tips will show you the blank canvas that is your existing furniture. Pull out that paint brush and grab a sewing kit – it’s time transform your home!

Ditch the Plain Office Chair

Your office chair supports you and your hard work all day long, so why not snazz it up with new upholstery? Remember, because chairs act as accent pieces, you can grab bright or patterned fabric and make your chair a work of art for just the cost of fabric.

Dining Room Chair Makeover

While you're at the fabric store, think about the perfect paint and fabric combo to rescue tired dining room chairs. After fixing up your office chair, reupholstering dining room chairs will be a cinch.

Don't forget to match paint with fabric and redo the chair's frame for an extra splash of color.

Sofa Makeover Challenge

Don't be daunted by the imagined scope of this DIY Sofa project. It isn't half as bad as it seems. Although a possible weekend project — the tutorial was actually completed in eight hours — this method will easily save you $1,000, the cost of a decent sofa.

Instead of buying a brand new sofa, buy your favorite fabric — keeping in mind things like pet hair and cleaning. Spend under $200 on fabric and rip apart that old sofa.

Brightened up Bookshelves

Bookshelves deserve more than just a fresh coat of paint, plus they're a huge part of a room's decor. Consider using old wrapping paper or a different paint color to line the back of the bookshelf. You'll not only brighten up the room, but if you have a pressboard bookshelf, it'll also cover up the flimsy faux-wood panel in the back.

Refinish Your Dresser

How you paint your dresser all depends on its size. Solid paint jobs are lovely, but when there's space for transitioning colors, like with this restoration, go for it. A dresser can easily become a statement piece, but it's all up to you and your can of paint. If you opt for a solid-colored paint job, but want a cheap and easy way to add some flair, just swap out the knobs.

The biggest thing to remember when painting any surface is to thoroughly clean and dry it before you start painting.

Return of Wicker

Wicker used to be something only spotted at grandmothers’ homes, but they're back on the home fashion market. If you're lucky enough to already have a set or find some on the sly at a yard sale, a can of spray paint is about to become your best friend.

This blogger makes a revamp even easier by using a combination primer and paint. You'll still need more than one coat, but you'll save time and money. Still not sold? Here's a recipe for homemade chalk paint.

Wood Icing and Accents

Wood icing is an easy-to-use faux finish product that'll expand your ability to add texture to your furniture. It would be tricky to use on a table top because it may not turn out level, but it provides beautiful texture to the sides of other pieces, like an accent table.

This blogger paired wood icing with chalk paint, another product that will save you bundles. Even though chalk paint looks expensive, you'll save money because you won't need primer or other costly painting tools.

Computer Armoire Makeover

Sometimes more than just your desk or office chair needs a pick-me-up. A computer armoire – or really any armoire – can quickly become a cluttered eyesore. Instead of pitching it and risking an open desk, try this renovation project.

Remember, all space – including the doors – can be turned into a functional part of the desk.

When you're transforming old furniture, think of the big picture. Sometimes a splash of paint is all a piece really needs to make it look new and different. Save yourself money and stress by refinishing pieces that you already have in your home. Sometimes the only problem with your existing furniture is that it still looks just like it did out of the box.