ll archives: Why You Need Business Besties


When I first heard a fellow Ladypreneur mention her Business Bestie, I thought – “Hmph, I have BFFs, why would I need a Business Bestie?” I never really understood the value or how it all worked until Total Body Finesse's Thea Boatswain invited me to join her Accountability Partner group about 6 months ago. This group, comprised of 5 Ladypreneurs, was formed solely to keep each member accountable when it came to social media posts and engagement but it quickly grew to be SO much more.

Here are the 3 reasons why you NEED business besties:

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

My Business Besties and I talk via email, phone and video chat a few times per week and meet up face to face at least once a month. We are extremely close, talk all the time, yet we know very little about each other’s personal lives. It’s not because we don’t care. It’s because when we talk, there are so many ideas, updates and advice going around related to our businesses that we never really get to the personal stuff. It is really nice to have a dedicated group to talk to about business because when I get on the phone with my BFFs, I don’t want my business to monopolize the conversation. I’d rather talk about what happened on the latest episode of Orange is the New Black. If you are the BFF of a Ladypreneur – don’t be offended that your best friend has Business Besties! Just think of it this way – an architect wouldn’t bother her neurosurgeon BFF with questions on how to design a building, right? Same goes for business owners, we love running ideas by our BFFs but sometimes the day to day issues call for a dedicated Business Bestie… or two… or five!

Six Degrees of Separation

Networking can really take you far in the world of entrepreneurship. You have to increase your networks to increase your net worth. You can’t do that by only communicating with a set group of people. The great thing about our Business Bestie group is that our businesses are all so different! We all have different contacts and networks that we bring to the table that add so much value and increase our reach.

The More You Know, The More You Grow

I can’t even begin quantify the amount of resources that we have shared in our group that have really helped take our businesses to the next level. On top of that, just knowing that you are not alone in the #girlboss struggle is extremely helpful. It is so nice to have someone to lean on that can say “I’ve been there and this is what I did to solve it.” or “I am having the same issue! Let’s put our brains together to figure something out.” Though are businesses are different, there are fundamental aspects to running a business that are consistent across the spectrum. When it comes to these issues, there is always someone in the group who has an experience we can all learn from.

So get out there, network and find some Business Besties, Accountability Partners, whatever you want to call them! My group met via social media so don’t be afraid to use that as a tool!

Meet the wonderful ladies that I am proud to call my Business Besties:

Thea // Total Body Finesse Sévère // Sevy Bags Kesha // TEN Syreeta // PynkPosh