ll archives: How to Create a Press Kit


The Press kit – something every brand, in my opinion, cannot be without. If you’ve found yourself in need of one and want the details on getting it done, scroll on down!

So the basics. You need a press kit because:

  • You’re launching a new product.
  • You’ve got a spankin’ new brand/company and you need to tout it.
  • Your company has acquired another or is participating in a merger.
  • You’re hosting a huge event or trade show.

You're going to distribute it like this:

Ain't nothing wrong with sending a glossy beauty via snail mail to your desired media contact, but as you all know, we live in a digital age. See below for digital distribution formats.

  • USB flash drive
  • The good ol' Internet (I suggest using the Issuu platform, which allows you to turn your press kit into a clickable online magazine of sorts)
  • CD
  • DVD

These elements are vital:

  • Brand overview/historical background
  • A traditional press release or feature-style article about the brand/collection
  • Brand/product fact sheet
  • Images of key execs (brand owner, designer - you get it, yeah?), logo, products etc., available at high and low resolution
  • Biography(ies) of the brand’s key person(s)
  • Recent, noteworthy press 6 months old or less
  • Links to getting social with you (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)
  • Media Contact

Last bit of advice? Make sure it’s pretty. Nobody has time for bad design. Need a little help? Contact me.