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Passion Vs. Permanence

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Hi! My name is Kendra. By day, I am an International Economist and in my spare time I run CUTEnCRAFTY, LLC. My company specializes in wedding gifts for the groom, bride and bridal party. My main product is the “Cold Feet” label which is a cute gift that is usually delivered to the groom by the Maid of Honor on the morning of the wedding. It can really put a smile on a groom’s face - which is great to ease those pre-wedding jitters. I am sure you’re wondering what led an International Economist to start a business that specializes in wedding socks. Well, It has been an interesting journey.

Growing up, my parents encouraged and equipped me to get good grades, go to college (preferably on full scholarship) and get a good job…and I did all three of those things. Just as many others, I enrolled in college not really knowing exactly what I wanted to do “when I grew up”, so I picked a major that sounded interesting and had the potential to pay well. However, as I matriculated through college I learned more about myself and what my strengths and passions were. Though I realized during my junior year in undergrad that I was not passionate about my career track, I continued my education and went on to earn my Master’s … because it seemed like the thing to do (and I received a full ride scholarship…can’t beat that!). I received a B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Economics and I work full time for the government as an International Economist. I am sure you’re wondering how that led me to start a business that specializes in wedding socks- and to be honest …

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but never acted on it. After our wedding, football season rolled around and my husband was wrapped up in fantasy football 3 days a week. I thought it was great that he had a hobby but I started to get bored and wanted a hobby of my own. I had been encouraging my cousin to get on Etsy and sell her products and it hit me- I could start an Etsy shop! I have a knack for all things crafty and had been wanting to try my hand at entrepreneurship so this was the perfect opportunity. I spent an entire weekend getting my Etsy shop up and running…and the rest is history! Since then I have sold over 4,500 pairs of “Cold Feet” socks and other items via Etsy and in three brick and mortar stores in D.C. and Pennsylvania. I started this business on a whim, and instantly fell in love with entrepreneurship and the creativity it allows me to exercise (while making a little extra money!). My husband always comments on how happy I look when I am doing business related stuff. It truly makes me happy and I love every moment of it- the good and the bad!

My day job and my side business have absolutely nothing in common but thankfully do not interfere with each other. Let’s be honest…I love the fact that I have a steady job with great pay and benefits, but I struggle with a few things:

Time to Grow my Business

Since I am a solopreneur and I do everything business related after work and on weekends, there is going to come a time where I hit a plateau. I will not be able to grow my business because I will not have the time to do dedicate to it. I know I could take this business to the next level if I had more time but that would mean quitting my day job…which brings me to my next concern…

Passion vs. Permanence

Should I quit my day job, or should I keep doing both? And if I keep doing both, am I heading towards burnout?


I often wonder how long I can work full time and run a successful side business. As my business grows I wonder if I am headed towards a massive burnout. I ask my self: “Is it worth burning out?”, “What affect will this have on my health, marriage and faith?”

Of course I would love it if this business were able to produce an income comparable to that of my day job…but I can’t help but feel guilty for even considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship full time.

At this point all I can do is thank God for granting me the opportunity and pray for guidance and discernment to make sure that I am making the best possible choices, and using my talents in a way that is aligned with his will for my life.

Thanks for reading my story! Do you any of you encounter the same struggles? If so, I would love to hear how you handle them? Please drop me a line at cutencraftyshop@gmail.com!