ll archives: Cheeky Tote Bag Line Jätlag Debuts


For the days you're keeping it casual and cute, take a Jätlag tote bag with you. Designed by Geneva, Switzerland-based designer, Leah Vu, each thoughtfully-crafted screen print tote features a tongue-in-cheek French or English phrase that's probably going to get a conversation started (maybe use it on your next networking adventure?).

Jätlag bags are made from high-quality cotton canvas fabric and manufactured in Nepal at a small family-owned garment factory. Unlike most canvas tote bags, they are made from pre-washed fabric and with high-quality screen printing, so no shrinking or fading when you wash them. Leah has thoughtfully added a zippered pocket inside of Jätlag totes, so the essentials (keys, money and phone) are always within reach and never at the bottom of the bag.


Regardless of whether you're grocery shopping or hitting the gym or uhhh, networking, you'll never sacrifice style running errands around town with Jätlag!

View the Jätlag lookbook: