ll archives: 6 Best iPad Apps for Home Chefs


I love creating deliciousness in the kitchen. Am I a culinary school graduate? No. But with my iPad by my side, storms stay cooked. If you use your device the way I use mine, you log on and visit your own "Hey There, Hungry Girl" board on Pinterest. It's full of ambitious dishes connected to recipes housed on random websites (some of them work, amiright?). It's a good start. But still, you actually can't convert a measurement to save your life and draw blanks on good substitutes for missing ingredients.

It's in these trying times that I call on the help of the App Store.

Have you ever searched “Food & Drink” in the App Store? It's a nightmare. I've pared the list down to my six favorite iPad apps for home chefs.

Evernote Food

If you like living the organized life, Evernote Food is perfect for cataloging your taste experiences. Use Evernote Food to jot down new restaurant discoveries, document family recipes and as a way to collect memorable moments surrounding food. Also, you can't knock that UX design.


Stellar food requires stellar ingredients, agree? The Harvest app makes sure you have them by helping you select the best produce. You'll learn to tell when fruits and veggies are at their freshest and how to determine levels of pesticide residue before you buy. After your successful grocery run, head back to Harvest for tips on how to store your goods to maximize flavor and freshness.

Hello Vino

If you’ve ever wandered down the wine aisle paralyzed by the fear of wrong pairings, you’re going to love Hello Vino. This free app is on a mission to help you find the best wines to pair with food, what to toast with for holidays and which wines make the best gifts. Once it has your personal taste preferences down, Hello Vino will suggest new wines for you to try.

Kitchen Calculator Pro

Kitchen math a little rusty? Shine on with Kitchen Calculator Pro. With KCP, you can convert volumes, weights, temperatures, and measurements. If you happen to need a precise measurement for a certain ingredient, you can add your own entries to save for future use.


Catalog, plan and create in one place with Paprika. This app is a primarily recipe manager that allows you to save every online recipe you've ever pinned or "liked" from anywhere on the web. Paprika also allots for weekly or monthly meal planning, grocery list-building and syncs seamlessly across all devices.


Drat! You just ran out of something major and, of course, your recipe calls for it. Time to panic or iPad and Substitutions? With myriad categories to choose from (think Allergy, Bake & Cook, Low Carb, Migraine, Vegan, etc.), Substitutions basically can't stop and won't stop.

Who else out there has a heart that beats for food and technology? Come chat with me about your tasty and innovative findings!