ll archive: Owl's Brew Hallow's Eve Cocktails


Setting up a spooktacular Hallow's Eve scene? Add a little Owl's Brew to your cocktail menu for a bloody-good time.


2 parts Owl’s Brew The Classic 1 part Tequila Shake with Jalapeño slices Spooky Garnish: Green Sugar Rim

Midnight Brew

1 part Coco-Lada 1 part Stout Beer Shake Coco-Lada with muddled ginger Serve chilled and pour into highball glass Spooky Garnish: Knobby Ginger piece

Pick Your Poison

2 parts Owl’s Brew Pink & Black 1 part White Rum Garnish: Orange slice and strawberry

Pink Potion

2 parts P&B 1 part Vodka Shake and pour into a martini glass, garnish with mint