ll archives: Increasing Brand Visibility Using Social Media


I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Sometimes, I really don’t care about monogrammed coffee mugs and pretty stuff, and would prefer not to be "social" at all. Others, I’m instagramming my pretty stuff and moonwalking in my office because a Twitter connect and I are doing coffee to brainstorm.

In the land of entrepreneurship, social media is a blessing sent down from internet heaven. It allows us the opportunity to build loyalty through engagement with our fans and increase brand visibility – how? Via collaborations. Think about it. Aren’t we all just a Twitter follow or LinkedIn invite away from meeting someone we’d love to work with? That’s huge. Kudos to Zuckerberg-types for creating virtual communities the opportunistic can benefit from. Where you take that opportunity next is entirely up to you. Here’s what I suggest:

Find like-brands that you admire

Pretty self explanatory. Chances are you’re already following them.

Pinpoint what it is that makes you love them

You heavily align with the blogger’s/brand’s/mentor’s perspective? They have a design aesthetic that you drool over? Come up with three solid reasons you'd like to work with said-brand and perfect them.


Let them know they’re awesome. Twitter is my favorite platform for this. I’ve planned networking brunches and thrifting tweet-ups via Twitter. A simple, “This is a great article I found on @blog by @author!” is worth at least a "favorite" in the Twitter world. They may even follow back.

Be cool

Things take time. Don’t tweet-SPAM anyone or be overly eager. Keep in mind, bullshit is easy to see through. As you gradually find more pieces to share by said-brand or person, tweet a little love at them every now and then. Positive vibes should come back your way.

This is only the first step of course. Sooner or later, you’ll have to woo them with your pitch. Another time, another post!