ll archives: How to Hire an Employee


As an entrepreneur you take on a lot of roles that you didn’t realize you would - accountant, manager, repairman, life coach, therapist… However, one of the biggest roles you will take on is that of hiring staff. They are the backbone for your business and are the ones you depend upon to to help bring your vision into reality so it’s important that you hire well the first time.

I speak from experience. When I first started WAX, I was lucky enough to find people easily through recommendations and was able to build a solid team straight out the gate, but as time went on, we grew, people left, positions opened up and I had to fill them. Some worked out, some didn’t, but I realized that in order to get what I wanted, I needed to have a clear hiring process.

Over the years I came up with a few key things that help me out each time.

Know What You are Looking For

For every hire you need a clear idea of what you want them to do. Be specific. Front Desk Manager is great, but what does that mean in your organization? Try to connect an emotion with the job that the person can identify with rather than a list of duties. That will help them to take ownership.


It’s also super important to make sure that the person’s personality will fit in with your culture. Will you be able to get along with each other all day? Keep in mind that a new employee will require a lot of time and training. Make sure that you are prepared to invest the time. Plan accordingly.

Let the interviewee talk

Often we want to spend the interview talking about what we expect from a person, but I’ve found that listening to someone talk about themselves and their experiences offers you more insight than standard interview questions. I always ask the following questions:

1. Why do you want to work here? If they can’t answer this question specifically then move on. Means they haven’t done their homework and are likely just looking for a check.

2. What have been your most significant achievements up until now?

Chances are if they haven’t done anything significant up until now they probably won’t be doing anything significant while working for you.

3. What would you like to accomplish in your first year working here?

These questions give me insight into a persons self motivation as well as what they want out of life. Are they forward thinking or are they content to stay where they are?

You are going to make mistakes. You will invariably hire someone who isn’t the best fit for the job, but with time and practice finding those people that are right for your business will become easier. It’s all a learning experience and the important thing to remember is to learn from your mistakes!