ll archives: 3 Money Management Tips for Newlywed Ladypreneurs


Here’s how the story goes. You met. You fell in love. He proposed. You said ‘yes.’ You had your dream wedding. And now you’re cruising through the honeymoon in wedded bliss. Well, congratulations ladypreneur! Not only are you successfully running your business, but you got through the, let’s face it, nightmare, of planning and budgeting of a wedding, and made it through the other side mostly unscathed. Woo! Way to go, girl!

Now the real fun begins: integrating lifestyles with your boo and combining your possibly two very different styles of managing money. Don’t fret, lady. That’s what your community of like-minded ladypreneurs is here for!

Some newlyweds choose to combine their accounts and financial obligations, others choose to keep their finances separate--there really are no hard and fast rules for getting the job done, but every couple has to find what works best for their marriage, lifestyle, and in your case, growing business. We’ve compiled a few tips on making the transition from “single and ready to mingle” to “ball and chain” as smooth as possible.


Communication is key when dealing with how you and your new spouse plan to manage your finances. Discussions about finances should occur early, preferably during the engagement period, but if you neglected this step in your courtship, don’t fret, it's not too late. Have a sit down with your honey and discuss how you want to handle your finances—early and often. Integrate how you plan to manage your business’ cashflow and how it impacts the rest of your finances. Keep in mind, this should not be a one-time conversation. Try scheduling a regular "state of the union" talk to review your personal and business finances. You may not have to go into line by line detail on the status of your business, but your spouse does need to have a high-level understanding of how things are going and major money-related decisions you may have made. Be open and honest with each other and you'll drastically improve your chances of a smooth transition.


Trust is the foundation of any relationship, particularly a marriage. Since you’re a kick-ass business lady, you’re mostly likely accustomed to being financially independent, and transitioning to sharing this responsibility can be a real challenge--I know it was (is) for me, but remember, this is the person you’ve vowed to spend your life with and you can trust them to have your best interest at heart. When it comes to your personal finances, one or both of you may decide to take point on setting the budget, managing regular expenses, and saving, but either way, learn to trust each other. And when it comes to your business, help your spouse understand that they can trust that whatever decisions you make are best for the business, and ultimately for your future as a couple.

Just Do You

You run a business. You decided to buck the expectations of society, follow your passion, and build a business from the ground up. You certainly can’t be expected to follow the herd when it comes to managing money in your marriage! The most important thing to remember when dealing with this transition is to find what works for you. You may welcome the take-charge attitude of your new spouse when it comes to handling the finances--after all, you’re CEO, CFO, and CMO of a business. Or maybe that control freak in you (it’s okay, she lives in me, too) just won’t allow you to let go of the check book. That’s okay, too. Talk with you spouse and find a happy medium. At the end of the day, all that matters is that the bills get paid and your goals are met.

Navigating through the peaks and valleys of personal and business money management can be overwhelming in and of itself, and adding a new marriage and a spouse with an entirely different personality can be challenging. Just know that you are not alone and you can get through it.