Apps to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing


Do you ever feel like a hostage to your social media marketing? Even though I understand the power and potential of social media marketing to grow my business, I have not really taken it seriously. As business owners, we have to use social media differently than everyone else.

I’ll admit that I’m guilty of making some social media mistakes. Like disappearing for weeks on end, getting sucked into the latest Real Housewives gossip, not posting anything that leads back to my website and many more.

If you’re anything like me your excuses can range from not being consistent to being reluctant to promote your business at all. Raise your hand if you can relate.

Funny thing is, I’ve still booked ideal clients from Facebook, made amazing connections via Twitter and discovered some of my fave blogs on Pinterest.

I’ve recently accepted that to really experience the benefits of social media marketing, I need a plan. I’m ready to step my social media marketing game up. The days of procrastinating on posting until my profiles are covered in virtual cobwebs are behind me now.

The truth is social media is a proven way to get traffic, connect with potential clients, build your email list and develop relationships with your peers and others in your industry. However, to get these benefits there’s some work involved.

I’m putting a plan into action and I’m committed to seeing it through. I’ve checked out quite a few social media superstars and found some common threads.

1. Consistency (the secret sauce to success in basically everything)

2. A nice mix of personal, business related and straight up promotion

3. Connection and engagement – answering comments and replying

So I’m making these my focus points: consistency and mixing up my content and increasing my engagement.

I’m super busy with my business and life so I don’t want to spend a lot of time on social media, I need to manage multiple channels easily and quickly and have the ability to automate and schedule posts. The app I found that can accomplish it all is Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is becoming my go-to tool for implementing a super simple social media strategy that will cut my social media time in half and double my visibility. Hootesuite gives me the ability to pre-schedule social media updates and manage all my profiles in one place which helps me stay consistent and not waste time wandering around.

3 Steps to Simplify Your Social Media

Here’s how I plan to use Hootsuite to simplify my social media, and you can too.


  • As the week goes on, I’ll make notice of blog posts, quotes, questions and images I want to share with my audience. I’m either pinning them on a secret Pinterest board or saving them in a Google doc. The key is to keep them all in the same place for easy reference.
  • Check my promotional calendar to see which promotions I have coming up and pre-write a few posts and create graphics to spread the word.
  • Write several custom posts and graphics to promote the free gift on my website.
  • Brainstorm tips, tricks, advice and insights I want to share.


  • Select one day a week to go through all the info I have gathered for the week. Organize them and add them into Hootsuite for scheduling. You can schedule as many or as few posts as you’d like.
  • For example, on Facebook I aim for at least 3 - 5 posts a day, Twitter 7 - 10 a day, Google Plus 3 - 5, LinkedIn 3 - 5 a day. These posts can be the same posts on every channel or you can customize them a bit for each channel.
  • Schedule what time the posts will go out. Pro tip: Schedule them at times when you’re available to check in and reply, comment and share with your fans, friends and circles.


  • Hop on for a few minutes after my scheduled posts go out to respond to comments and interact on my profiles. It's good to set a timer if you’re easily sucked into the social media rabbit hole, 15 - 30 minutes should suffice.

Hope these tips help you to simplify your social media marketing. Leave a comment below and share your fave ways to stay consistent, save time and build your business using social media.