ll archives: The Lady Entertains with Garnish & Gather


Let me guess - local-loving foodie type? A few words for you: Garnish & Gather. At G&G, farm-fresh ingredients and Atlanta chef-contributed recipes collide to provide your ultimate solution for one delectable dinnertime. Founder Emily Nethero Golub adds a little bit of ease to ladypreneur living each week by hitting our mean Atlanta streets (OK, nearby farms and farmers markets) in search of seasonal veggies, herbs, grains and meats to whip up into ready-to-cook meals for pick-up or delivery. In your G&G bag is everything you need in exactly the right portions, and it's even complete with a suggested topic to discuss while you eat. All you’ll need? Olive oil, salt, pepper and good company.

Ladypreneur League Perk

Order something delish from Garnish & Gather and enter “Ladypreneur” at checkout to receive 20% off your meal!