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Did someone mention something about ice cream of the boozy persuasion? Who could say no to that?! Meet Melissa Tavss, Founder and CEO of Tipsy Scoop, liquor-infused ice cream inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails!


Current location: NYC

Where are you from? New York City!

Education: BA, University of Richmond, Masters in Marketing, NYU

Business & Formal Title: Tipsy Scoop, Founder and CEO

What is Tipsy Scoop and how did it come to be? Tipsy Scoop is liquor-infused ice cream inspired by different cocktails – classic and contemporary. All of the ice creams are 5 % alcohol volume while still maintaining a creamy smooth ice cream consistency. The ice cream-making tradition has run in my family since the 1800s when my great grandfather became the President of the Ice Cream Alliance in Great Britain! After learning of this ice cream tradition, I started experimenting with making ice cream on my own. Once I perfected plain regular non-alcoholic ice cream, I started adding different liquors to my ice cream flavors and from there, Tipsy Scoop was born!

What did you do before? I worked in Marketing and events for Wine and Spirits clients at an agency. We planned events for different spirits clients and often experimented with infusing liquor into different foods. From there I started playing around with different boozy ice cream flavors.

What did you think you’d be doing now whenever you were 10? I definitely thought I would be a princess by now or at least live in a castle. But Tipsy Scoop takes a close second place! ;)

Is Tipsy Scoop your dream job? If not, what else is in the works? It’s definitely a dream job and changes every day as the business grows. This summer will be our busiest summer yet. We got a new ice cream cart and will be setting up shop in Williamsburg outside of Artists and Fleas. We will also be at Harlem Eats and the Brooklyn Night Bazaar! All of the churning and scooping is definitely hard on the arms but totally worth it. I can’t wait to see how the business grows and expands in the future.

The Grind

What does your daily routine consist of? Everyday is different. We have kitchen days, daily deliveries, wholesale orders, tastings, catered events and markets, so it just depends on what is going on that day!

How do you balance work and life and is that actually even possible? I definitely like to leave time for fun with family and friends. Sunday night is a time to relax and unwind with some TV, wine, and a good dinner!

You have to do it and you hate it – what is your least favorite task to do at Tipsy Scoop? Moving the ice cream maker – when it has to be done is definitely the most difficult task. It is WAY too heavy and I always need a lot of help!

Ladypreneur Living

What are your favorite business lady apps? At events and markets, I use my Square app which comes in handy! Uber is also a great one for getting around the city in a time crunch.

Top 5 favorite cities? NYC, San Remo (Italy), San Francisco, Tokyo, New Orleans

Red, White or Sparkling? All! But White first – Pinot Grigio.

Tell us the best place to eat in your city. If it’s your kitchen, share your favorite/best recipe. The nachos at Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square (right across the street from me) are to die for! I also like Felice Wine bar for Italian and Maya for Mexican - both are amazing.

Words to live by: Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

In 5 years you’ll be: Hopefully I will be on an awesome vacation somewhere tropical and sunny and there will be Tipsy Scoop locations all over the US:)

On being a woman entrepreneur: It’s still hard of me to think of myself as a grown-up, let alone an entrepreneur but it is really exciting to be grouped among such ambitious hard-working women. It is a lot of hard work to start your own company and is definitely tiring, stressful and not all that glamorous, but totally rewarding and worth it. I can’t imagine doing anything else!

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