ll archives: Ladypreneur Leaguers' Top Business Lady Apps


One of my favorite things about running Ladypreneur League is of course reading our ladypreneur interviews, but my favorite thing about that particular “favorite” is reading which apps our ladypreneurs are using. I think it’s safe to say that I’m an “app girl.” With each Ladypreneur We Love interview that is completed, I find myself scrolling immediately to the “What are your favorite business lady apps?” question and Googling the results. So for those of you who are “app girls” like me, here are Ladypreneur Leaguers' top business lady apps.

Melissa Alam, Femme & Fortune

Hiveage - pretty and free, Hiveage allows for quick and brandable invoicing. Email alerts are sent when clients view the invoice and of course when they pay it. There are several options available to receive your money (Paypal, Stripe, etc.) and you can choose whether or not clients receive a receipt for payment afterward. Another perk, automatic billing is an option!

Boomerang - for the late night Gmailers (as Melissa describes herself), Boomerang for Gmail is kind of perfect. The app allows for a send-later option – which is right on point if you’d prefer that your clients not know that you’re actually up working at 1AM – and will also remind you to respond to an email that was sent to you or to follow up on an ones you’ve not received a response from.

Afterlight - Instantly lovely Instagram photos happen because of Afterlight. Choose from a ton of filters, frames, “films” - the works.

Emily Dang and Elise Whang, SNOBSWAP

Yammer - Like Facebook for but work, Yammer is a private social network that helps employees collaborate across departments, locations and business apps.

Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield, Owl’s Brew

Wrike - Wrike is a project management app that the Owl’s Brew ladies swear by. With Dropbox and Google Drive Integrations, iPhone and Android apps, email integration and bunch more, Wrike is looking pretty sweet.

Liza Dunning, Entrepreneur & Scoutmob Founding Editor-in-Chieftess

Evernote - Liza calls it her “brain trust"! Journal and jot down stuff then take it with you wherever you go with Evernote. The app allows for easy collecting and now offers Evernote Food, Evernote Clearly and several other awesome add-ons.

Sleep Cycle - So waking in the morning is your enemy? Sleep Cycle may help. The app is a bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase.

Uber  - Uber is “everyone’s private driver” and maybe one of the best apps around for the “I hate driving” types. Traffic-full city? (I’m looking at YOU, Atlanta!) Uber is your best friend. The app is available in most major cities and turns regular-old citizen drivers into cabbies. If you’re going somewhere fancy, request an Uber Black Car to arrive in style.

Myka Harris Barbato, WAX Studio

Spotify - Because without music in your workspace, you’re subject to go crazy. The Spotify app boasts “music for everyone” and the option to download the player to your computer or to listen right there on the web. Create playlists of your favorites and find peace of mind.

And now it’s my turn! I haven’t completed a Ladypreneur We Love interview to link to, but a few of my favorite apps are:

PitchEngine - PitchEngine is pretty much the most beautiful way to share PR & Marketing materials. Press release content goes from blah to aahh! with PitchEngine software. The content is easily sharable via most social media channels, responsive (looks good on mobile and tablet) and even gives users a little design wand to change the layout of the content being shared.

OfficeTime - Office Time is the perfect time tracking app for freelancers. Organize your time by putting projects in categories that are set up by the client and the hourly charge, pull reports, work in teams, allot expenses, sync with your calendar, etc. The app is available for download for computer, mobile or tablet.