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Do you spend your mornings Skimming like we do? Meet Carly Zakin & Danielle Weisberg, the ladypreneurs behind the popular email newsletter that delivers all the news that's fit to skim. Current location: New York, NY

Where are you from? Danielle: Chicago, IL Carly: New York, NY

Education: Danielle: Tufts University Carly: University of Pennsylvania We met studying abroad in Rome.

Business & Formal Title: Co-founders & Co-CEOs of theSkimm

What is The Skimm? theSkimm is a daily email newsletter that breaks down the headlines. It’s quickly become the secret weapon for busy and social professionals.

What did you do before? We grew up at NBC News from interns to producers.

A day in the Skimm office is like? It’s different every day. As an early startup, everyone on theSkimm team juggles a lot of different things. As co-founders, we are currently the business development and editorial team, as well as operations and HR. For us, a typical day involves interviewing potential hires, discussing partnerships, going over social media strategy -- and then creating the actual newsletter.

How do you balance work and life and is that actually even possible? It’s definitely tough. The first six months of starting theSkimm were a blur of work and adrenaline. That’s not sustainable. Getting a business off of the ground definitely requires not only a ton of hours and hard work, but a lot of focus. However, if you want to be in it for the long haul, you really have to combine that with taking care of yourself and making sure that you have a network to support you when things get rough. We are very lucky to have a fantastic support team from our first employees, friends, and family. We learned after those first months that we needed to create -- and stick to -- a very strict schedule in order to have some sort of work/life balance.

What are your favorite business lady apps? We used CamScanner each day before we had an actual business printer/scanner. We order from Seamless a lot so that’s used quite a bit. Twitter/Instagram/Facebook all get a mobile workout for posting on the go.

Words to live by . . . The only way you'll fail is if you don't try. We actually got that advice from a friend we now call theSkimm “godfather” and was exactly what we needed to hear in order to leap into our own venture.

On being a woman entrepreneur . . . Starting a business is hard for anyone. Starting a business for the first time is really hard for anyone. Starting a business without a traditional business or tech background for the first time was a huge challenge for us. Stay focused, ignore the haters.

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