ll archive: Wonder Women Use Wunderlist


That’s what I’m thinking. Because before this app, y’all, my rate of completing daily tasks – let alone remembering them – was like … something just terrible that I can’t even describe.

I should probably begin this post by describing a little more about my personality. I’m not all heavy into zodiac and things of that nature, but I do know that when it comes to things of that nature, I’m considered a Leo-Virgo cusp. I also believe that little zodiac tidbit rivals one particular quirk in my personality – I’m a dreamy perfectionist. My meticulous “Virgo side” loves everything there is about organization. The scatterbrained “Leo side” couldn’t care less.

Just to make this crystal clear – I LOVE to plan. I love having an agenda, I love books and journals designed to help out with planning. I love file folders, I love drawer organizers, I love everything about Russell + Hazel – I mean, I just love planning. Buy me a stylish planner or journal and you’ll hold a place in my heart for eternity.

Sticking to the plans though? Not so much.

To better demonstrate how this phenomena works in my life, imagine being a stickler for seeking out the perfect flight (I have specific times that I like, specific seats that I want, specific drinks that I need, etc.) then being lost on your departure time when it’s about time to go. Details-schmetails.

On top of that madness, I suffer from procrastination and that is life. I’m a scattered, procrastinating perfectionist who’s gotten along for 28 years like that. I have good days and bad days. College was interesting. And now there is Wunderlist.

The tagline says it’s my own personal beautiful and simple to-do list. And it is.

So for real? I have like 15 lists that I’m shuffling to and fro. Clients and big projects get lists, groceries, bills, articles I want to read later, things I want to buy from IKEA – I’ve even got a list titled “BS” for the mundane things I have to do that fall under that category.

To-dos can be assigned due dates and in addition to reminders hitting you with a notification on screen, they can be emailed to you. Speaking of email, let’s say you’ve collaborated with another Wunderlist user on a list like “Groceries.” Once a task is completed by either user, an email is generated stating the news.

Possibly my favorite thing about Wunderlist’s home screen is that there is an option to show only to-do items that are pressing for the day. This helps narrow down all of those tall tasks it feels I have. If I want to scare myself again though, all I have to do is click over to the “week” tab and BAM. It’s like Jason.

So I went a little Wunderlist crazy, but it’s encouraged. I downloaded the app to my iPhone, added the Chrome extension to my browser and downloaded the app to my iPad as well. I’m the kind of girl who likes all of her gadgets in sync.

One last thing, if small things like “done!” noises make you happy as much as they do me, you’ll love the “checked-off item” sound. I love that little noise. I want to hear it all of the time. It’s accompanied by a strikethrough. It’s great. Makes me feel like I’m just really kicking ass around here – wonder woman style.