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By day she puts her marketing "skillz" to work for a financial services company that provides products and services to individuals, businesses, and financial institutions across the nation. By night/weekend, she pens on Max and Lea, a little blog she started back in 2012. In Victoria Penn's own words, "It's a labor of love that I don't get to spend nearly enough time working on (infants are really a time-suck), but it's a work in progress and I love it." See how this marketing professional and side-hustle blogger's work influences her style.


Current location: San Antonio

Where are you from? A little one-horse town (not really, but ya’ know) called Rockdale, TX

Education: Texas State University - Eat ‘Em Up, Cats!

Formal Title: Marketing Programs Developer


Your work style in a few words: Conservative while pushing the envelope.

Who is your style icon and why? It’s cliche, but I love Michelle Obama’s style. She knows how to pull off a conservative, “First Lady” look, but still has fun and makes it her own. And those arms? You go girl!

Tell us your staple pieces. Black slacks, magenta blazer, magenta and orange sheath dress, an array of cardigans, nude heels

Where do you find the best clothing bargains? JC Penney. I love their career clothes because they look expensive, come in fun, but still sensible colors, but most importantly they are wallet-friendly.

Go-to outfit? Comfortable black slacks, black and white striped top, magenta blazer, black heels

Vintage or vintage-inspired? Vintage-inspired

Handbag of choice? My Michael Kors tote bag.

What’s in that bag? The better question is, ‘what’s not in the bag?’ I love it because it’s big enough to hold a laptop and a myriad of baby gear, but still looks stylish

Heels or flats? Heels, definitely heels.

Manicured or natural woman? Natural. I don’t have time to schedule a manicure.

What would you wear to a . . . Coffee shop meeting: Fitted cropped pants, colorful top, cardigan, and flats Google Hangout: sweatpants (or no pants lol) and a dressy top In your office space: a maxi dress with a cardigan (unless it’s summer, in which case, I would definitely lose the cardigan)

How does your industry influence your style? The financial services industry tends to be a little “stuffy,” so I do my best to teeter the line of being taken seriously in a client meeting, but still turning heads with a splash of color or a fun print when I walk out of the elevator.

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