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hey guys!

porsha thomas here, founder and multiple hat wearer of #gowrkgrls – a community perhaps a lot of you used to know as ladypreneur league.

when i started ladypreneur league in 2013, i lived a freelancer's flexible lifestyle. between contract agency work & clients in need of brand design, i had plenty of time to breathe life into the league. fast forward to now and my snazzy corporate gig has completely changed things. i like my job. paying rent on time has been fab-u-lous (hello, salary!), but balancing my schedule (or the attempt to do so) has me in perpetual "struggle bus" mode. turns out there are limits to my side-hustling capabilities. 😑🙄 

in my business, my top priority is making sure that ladypreneur league provides authentic, valuable offerings that are pride-inducing for me. but since stepping into my corporate heels – ohhh, the maintenance, y'all. it's killing me. it's been hard to come to terms with, but the model as-is is too robust for the 9-5 me and the biz lady me can't stand behind a lackluster experience and call it ladypreneur league. 

splice these feelings with a year-long battle (and loss) to trademark "ladypreneur league," (juicy details to come) and in june, i had to think – "move past the feeling of defeat. what is the 2.0 version of ladypreneur league? how can you continue helping ladies launch in a way that gives the community what it needs and is sustainable with your new speed?" 

then it hit me. ✨#gowrkgrls™✨! it'd be a podcast and mobile app with the exact same mission as ladypreneur league – to help female founders succeed. a couple of things will change of course but overall, we're still the same old league! here's what to expect:

• our name and identity design (we'll still be cute though, promise!).
• no more membership applications and fees.
• goodbye, facebook group, we're moving to slack!
• we're launching an app this fall to help you do biz with local like-minded ladies (more to come soon).
• what was once our blog will now be our podcast (you'll still be able find ladypreneur league articles in the "ll archives" on the soon-to-launch #gowrkgrls™ website).

here's what's staying the same:
• networking events (because i am always down to meet over good food & bubbly booze 🙋🏽🥂).
• in-person and online workshops so you can continue getting your biz development on.